Meant to Be

26.4.10 Ali Moore 4 Comments

I have to admit I'm surprised to be saying this, but our fireplace project is done!

I am just so excited after all of these months of hard work that we can actually start using our family room that has only been empty space for 9+months. Yeah, that's a long time.

So, here we go. Our family room pictures before:Remember this ugly haphazard cabinet?And, these horrible ledges?And, this great flooring surprise?It's all gone. After re-tiling...Patching the wall and painting...With the help of our good friend Mitch, we hung our mantle...
And built a cabinet that looked like it was meant to be in our family room all along, one piece at a time.
And, I upgraded my skills from paint brush and am now able to use the miter saw and Andrew's sander. Impressed? I really felt like I should be wearing safety goggles, but Andrew said he didn't have any. But, guess what I found yesterday when we were cleaning out Andrew's work stuff from the trunk of my car?

He was holding out on me!But, on to the main show. Isn't this cabinet fantastic!Love these antique bronze knobs... And, the pretty crown molding!
I just love everything about it! One more shot of the before and after. So pleased and what a great hubby!

Stay tuned for more pictures as I FINALLY get to start decorating. :)


  1. yeah!!! This looks awesome Ali :) What a transformation!!!!!!! Great job!!!! And great job to Andrew too!

  2. Wow... I can't believe Andrew built that cabinet. Can I hire him when I purchase a house?! It looks awesome!!! Can't wait to see the complete room :)

  3. wow!! you guys have some serious talent! looks great ai!

  4. Okay, everyone else stole my comment...WOW!!!! That is like HGTV worthy!!! I am soooo impressed and don't think I'm not drooling over your doorknobs!!