Life is Crazy

12.4.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

What a crazy, busy, incredible weekend! Started out normal on Saturday morning, drove to Kansas City and attended the wedding festivities of the now Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Carter! What a fun and beautiful wedding. It just feels so good to see your friends so happy. :) Congrats to both!

And, we managed to sneak to Nebraska Furniture Mart in between the wedding and the reception to buy a couch for our family room. Some how I feel like the Carters would be proud...there's nothing like getting near the end of a good room makeover, something Jimmy and Brittany can definitely understand!

We had a great time at their reception dancing, drinking and catching up with friends. We decided to drive to St. Joe to stay with Andrew's older brother Luke and his girlfriend as we needed to be in Hiawatha the next morning for Brynnan's baptism. Little did we know what they had in store for us.

Got to their place around 11:45pm on Saturday night and were greeted by Luke who announced that they may be going to the hospital that night. Yep, baby time!! Long story short, Andrew and I slept for about four hours, got to the hospital about 5am and waited with the soon-to-be grandparents and well-wishers until just after 1pm when Baby Moore arrived!

Leyton Cole Moore, 6lbs and 9ozs. What a cutie, and the nurse was right; he is such a squirt. :)

Andrew and I are so proud to be his Aunt Ali and Uncle Andy. What an experience.
We completely missed Brynnan's baptism, but were able to drive through Hiawatha and stop for a few hours to check in and pay her some attention, too. She is getting so big and is just as cute as can be.

Quinn helping Brynnan smile. :)
We got back to Wichita last night about 8:30pm. Adele had been back in town for the weekend and had puppy-sitted for Frank. He just loves her. And, we do too. Duh. She was a tremendous help, and we could not have managed the weekend without her.

I still think Franklin has separation anxiety, though. The past couple of times we have been gone, the night we get back he won't sleep in his kennel. We put him in there, won't go to sleep, barks and sets off the house alarm. He has to sleep in the same room as us for the first night. How did he get so spoiled rotten??