Bright Sunshiney Days

27.7.15 Ali Moore 1 Comments

I went into labor with both Henry and Nelle in the dark of the night...Henry of course spent the dark of another night in utero until he decided it was time to come out, and Nelle had her mind made up and surprised us just barely over two hours later.

All this to say, every morning when I wake up from the pain of another body pushing on my rib cage because I haven't peed all night and he/she is flat out of room, I think, we get another day of just four.  Also thank goodness rib pain first thing in the wee hours of the morning is the worst thing I have to complain about.  
I'm definitely pregnancy blessed.
We get another day of waving "bye bye dada" out of the door and watching him back out the drive, another day of it taking an hour and a half to get out the door for a walk around the neighborhood when I swear it should really only take 20 minutes, but three stops to play and read books, clean the kitchen from breakfast, change a diaper, dress two littles and myself and feed the dog...well, it's always an hour and a half.
Another day of having two littles in the stroller for an afternoon trip down to the pool.  Or a trip to Botanica with friends.  Or the zoo.  Or the park.
Or just two in the row of three carseats in the car on the way to the gym, where every time I think, this will probably be my last run pre-babe, you can do it...
yet, we're back a few days later to do it again.  Mostly so I can take advantage of the drop-in daycare and shower by myself.  It's worth the shower shoes.
Another day of toddler talk where I can't even count the amount of words Nelle says because she jabbers so so much, but I'm doing my best to notice her little sentences she's stringing together and the funny way she interprets things.  Like when she really wants me to hold her, but she says "hold you" instead with her arms stretched out to me.  And how she works, "I did it!" so proudly into the conversation all day long.

And when Henry on his bike ride last week looked up at me and said, "Hi Pineapple!" then kept coasting along in front of us.  

Or when Nelle was swimming at the pool on Friday and after doing something to impress him, he ran up to her and said, "yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about!".  
It clearly hasn't been all roses and sunshine this summer.  
It's actually been very trying and exhausting.
Sometimes Girlfriend decides she's a bit over nature and adventuring.
But there's still been sunshine.
A lot of bright, sunshiney days.

Henry got up before Nelle the other morning and came into our room to wake up Andrew and I.  A few moments later, Nelle followed him in and was so, SO excited to see him.  Her entire face lit up, seeing her brother, and she squealed 
and gave him the biggest hug.
That's going to be the summer of 2015 for me.  
Henry bound and determined we are having a boy and naming him Coco, 
Nelle squealing at the sight of her best bud, 
and the really good moments of four waiting for five.
See photos of last year's peach picking trip to Beck's Farm here.  Somehow Ham lost his baby fat, Nelle grew a mess of curls, and now I'm crying because a year goes so fast.  Of course if you're tired and exhausted from parenting toddlers, 
but especially if you're seeing sunshine too. 

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  1. Seriously Nelle's outfit? The cutest. And those curls!