So There's That

20.7.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Two weeks ago was an all-hands on deck, let's survive kind of week.  

I had an occular migraine at least once a day, every day except for one the entire week.  Andrew fed us and managed to sneak away from work when he could, and finally we called in reinforcements (my parents) on Friday so I could pass out for the rest of the afternoon.  We still don't know what the cause was, but I have a feeling it has something to do with lifting my double Bob stroller into the back of the Tahoe, carrying it out of the garage, etc.  It's probably past the weight limit I'm really supposed to be lugging right now.  Okay, I'm sure it is.  And that's what triggered my migraines post-delivery with Nelle...bending over to grab Ham and hold him.  

Coincidence or not, I've been migraine-free for over a week, 
and I haven't picked up the Bob.  
So there's that. 

It kind of feels like two weeks ago didn't exist, and that last week then had to be a major catch up week.  And nesting week.  Andrew really loves those.

Lots of laundry, lots of piddling in the shared room, lots of complaining about the curtains needing to be hung until the curtains actually did get hung up yesterday, lots of cleaning.  Lots of cleaning because Henry decided he needed to wake everyone up at 6:15am most days last week instead of sleeping much closer to 7am.  And when Andrew and I tried to catch a few more winks, Henry decided to get Nelle out of her bed and take care of breakfast.  

Eggs for everyone.

Scrambled, specifically.

On the kitchen floor.

Like three days in a row.

After he got in trouble for breaking several eggs the first day, he quickly figured out he could just tell Nelle to crack the eggs for him.  One morning I woke up to hearing Henry coach Nelle, "yeah, yeah just do it here." 
Followed by giggling.  Lots of giggling.
He's learned to manipulate his little sister 
into doing what he knows he's not supposed to.


So there's that.
I made a point to spend one-on-one time with each of the tots this weekend because I know once babe comes, I'll be divided even more, and Andrew will have to step in at the beginning to make the park runs, and pool trips, and bike rides.  

Henry and I shared a cinnamon roll and read and read and read at Watermark Books on Saturday morning, and came home with two new books for he and Nelle's shelves.  He also wore head-to-toe K-State except for on his head where he wore his cowboy hat from his first Halloween costume.  And Nelle and I picked out donuts from The Donut Hole where she took samples out of all six because she didn't have to share with anyone else, and I followed her up to the top of the play equipment one time too many to go down the tunnel slide with her on Sunday morning and said bye to the ducks at the pond just as it was starting to get uncomfortably hot.  

And so there's that.

Maybe the best kind of nesting that has nothing to do with getting our house ready for the baby, or my work ready for the baby, but getting me a bit more ready for our baby, making sure our first two know they're loved to pieces.  

Even with raw egg on the floor, towels in the toilet, stuffed animals on the ceiling fans, flower pots broken on the patio, crayon colored onto the glass of picture frames, and every jar from the fridge taken out and hidden behind the couch.  

Yes, even then.
There's always that.