The Fourth

8.7.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Short on words tonight because I thought I'd be posting this on Monday, 
but I've had pregnancy-related migraines off and on since Sunday night 
(the last of which was late this afternoon when while we were waiting for Andrew to come home, Nelle slammed books on my head requesting to be read to and poked me in the eye saying "eyyyyyyye!" over and over again.)  

One of those weekends that I wished lasted a day longer.  Or two.  
Okay, five.

There were first trips to pick out fireworks 
and two littles happy as can be with their choices.  
Trucks with rocket launchers on the back of them for Henry 
and a can of worms for Nelle.  
That seems about right.  

And bows put on my dads and that's always something.

Trips to the pool, flower planting, peach picking (more to come on that later), dinner out when afterwards Andrew and I vowed not to take the kids out for a long, long time because our last three or four meals out with them have left us shoving food 
in our faces as quickly as possible so we could leave the restaurant with some dignity 
instead of getting asked to leave after our children resemble wild raccoons 
vs actual human toddlers.  

A photography lesson and photos by Henry after I found him lugging my camera around on his own (mild heart attack) and trying to explain why everyone has flags out and what is Independence Day 118 times to a certain three-year-old that asks no less than 12 why questions for everyyyyyything lately.  
Long naps for all, many outfit changes - all different combinations of the red, white and blue, chanting USA USA from our front yard, blown bedtimes, and even a little organizing in the kids' rooms as we sloooowly prepare for #3 to join us in about a month.  Emphasis on a little organizing and slow progress for sure.

Here's hoping these photos take me back to this summer every year from here on out where these memories are so close to reality I can almost taste them.

And double here's hoping for tomorrow not losing my eye sight again, 
no extremities going numb 
and not being bed ridden for hours.  

Ain't nobody got time for that.