Really Soon

3.8.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

The tots are napping, and I'm downstairs chomping away on ice because that bad pregnancy habit is back.  Not as badly as I craved it when I was pregnant with Henry, but still.  Sorry to my dentist.

Andrew and I both thought we'd have a baby by the end of July, yet here we are, still parents to just two, nearing my Saturday, August 8th due date, and I've got to say, I feel like we've been given all of this extra time, and it's kind of been awesome.

No shoots right now so we've enjoyed getting to start weekends off a bit slower, trading turns to sleep in while the other makes breakfast with the kiddos before they drop a dozen eggs on the kitchen floor.  Again.  
Church, pooltime, an extra date night, some nesting-induced cleaning I've wanted to tackle and didn't know if I'd get know, the fun stuff like dusting blinds and baseboards, as well as patching holes in walls from when a certain toddler ripped his curtain rods straight out of the wall.  Bleh.  You know, the usual. 

Walks around the neighborhood, another pedi, more trips to the gym and runs that I think will surely get things going for #3 to come out, but they don't.  

And that's okay.
All in good time.
I even cooked an extra meal yesterday to have stored in my freezer.  
Who am I?  Is that what free time is like?  
We told Henry months ago the baby would come out when it was summer time, 
and he was bigger so every day he asks if he's big, and when I answer yes, 
he responds with "so our baby can come now?"  

Pretty soon, Henry.  

Really soon.