Our First, First Day

19.8.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Our little June Bug is here, and she needs to be properly introduced to the blog, but for now, tonight, I had to write because our oldest had his first day of school this morning.  
I've heard my dad say so many times in conversation to people that he felt like the years just flew by once we started school, but especially middle school.  That's when everything starts occupying your every weekday night - practices, games, church classes, piano lessons.  Somehow my parents kept up.  Always making it to every game, always getting dinner on the table with everyone sitting together every night.  

I held it together during preschool drop off this morning.  We were all a little bleary eyed after another night with a newborn, and of course my big kids that never sleep in actually both had to be woken up at 7:30 to eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed and out the door on time.  (How I'll do that without Andrew's help on Friday morning 
is a mystery to me.)

Henry was SO excited.  After dropping off his supplies and checking out his classroom on Monday night, he asked me several times yesterday if he could go to school.  Thankfully, the enthusiasm lasted through this morning.  
He ran ahead of us trying to pull the big heavy school doors open by himself
...the way he wants to do everything these days.  
We hung his bag on his hook.  Signed him in.  And found a tub full of matchbox cars to keep him occupied after we said our goodbyes, I love you's, I'm proud of you's, 
and see you in just a bit.  

I held it together until we were halfway home, and it just sunk in how BIG he is now.  Especially since having baby June.  He's such a helper and grown so much since we brought Nelle home.  I know it's just preschool and there are years and years ahead of us of first days and practices and games, and homework, and weeknight dinners together, but today and tonight I'm feeling all the feels because we just brought home our third baby in three years, and it already feels like the days, weeks, months, years are flying.  (Except for the last hour of the day before Andrew gets home.  Then it seems like the clock moves at a snail's pace and it's surely plotting against me, as well as Andrew's car because it never seems to pull into the driveway soon enough.)

Nelle talked my ear off and followed me around during the three hours Henry was gone this morning, mostly asking for her "Henny" at least 50 times.  She cried when I hopped out of the car to go grab Henry from pick-up line because she wanted to come too.

Henry told me his favorite part of preschool this morning was playing outside, 
and his teacher talked to him about Jesus today.  

Nelle brought me book after book to read when I nursed June this morning when it was just us girls, and she was so proud to go and do it herself, choosing just what she wanted without input from her brother, just like Henry brought me books to read when I nursed June this afternoon once we all woke up from naps, and wouldn't you know, both times, both kids brought me Love You Forever.

Feeling all the feels.

Love you forever.  As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.