peach picking

20.7.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I hope this post gets me back to regularly blogging again.  I miss it.  
Summer has been good to us, and it's important to me to share here so I remember when these days are in the rear view mirror.

We had several two- to three-day out of town trips within two weeks (some all together and some me flying solo with either one or both babes), and all the laundry, cleaning and photo editing catch up really did me in!  I haven't napped for quite some time and one day I slept so hard during the kids' afternoon naptime that I could barely wake myself up to get off the couch to get Henry as he kept saying "knah-knah" (knock-knock) from inside his door after he woke up after a two-hour nap.  All this to say, sadly blogging really fell on my priority list for a while there when I was trying to dig out of clothes to be folded, crumbs to be swept, etc.  

Just yesterday we took a trip north to Beck's Farm to pick peaches.  We've made this an annual trip for our family for at least three years.  
It makes me smile thinking how it's evolved from just Andrew and I, to taking Henry for the first time last year, and now getting to include Nelle too.  

I don't know what it is, but something about picking fresh produce makes me so happy.  

It's probably the most family-friendly activity ever being as Henry always takes the owners' seriously when they say to eat as you pick.  Sometimes we do things with the babes that get us a few questionable looks so to be somewhere that Ham can literally run and run and run his swirling tornado way to his little heart's content feels good and easy as it's going to get.
The prettiest peach I saw all day.

And did boy did Henry run.

And eat.

And climb. And slide. And horse-swing ride.

And capped it off with the most important task of our entire day...pretend tractor driving.
We picnicked.  And listened to a folksy band play.  

And contemplated staying and trying to get the kids to nap there so we could enjoy the gorgeous Kansas day.  
For about half a second until we admitted it would never work.
Maybe someday.
Henry has requested a peach from our fruit bowl at home no less than 10 times since our trip yesterday.  
I can't blame really haven't tasted a peach until you've had them fresh.

And lucky for him we picked plenty to eat and to bake with.  

It's going to be a good week.