23.7.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Henryisms lately...

He is super into adult men and women being mommies and daddies.  He is constantly asking if someone is a mommy or daddy.  Usually it's when we're flipping through a magazine or book and he will ask if the people in the picture are mommies and daddies.  I think it's very endearing he's starting to associate this connection that grown-ups are likely to be mommies and daddies.  It's not quite so cute when he points to the male high school lifeguard when we are leaving the pool and asks, "daddy?" which ends up looking like he's asking if this teenager is his daddy.

He loves to announce "we're heeeerrree!" every time we pull into a parking lot, our drive way, etc.

If the first word out of his mouth each morning isn't "play?" it's going to be "Nelle?"

He's starting to repeat everyyyything we say, even songs, and hearing his little sing song voice is music to my ears.  

This morning when we were pulling weeds in the backyard while Nelle took her morning nap he hopped on my back as I sat on the ground and we rocked back and forth, back and forth.  He loves that part from I'll Love You Forever.  So I sang him the song...I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my Henry baby you'll be.  I stopped and he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "more Henry baby song?"  
Oh my goodness, any time for you, love. 

His favorite thing to do at meal time is steal food from Nelle's high chair tray.

He's starting to answer my questions with "yes, please" which sounds more like "yis, peeese".  Swoon.

He loves to name off family and friends' names at bedtime when we ask who we should pray for.  Puppy always gets included.  

And the boy could not be more obsessed with Andrew.  I need to count how many times a day he asks "dada?", and I say, "daddy's at work".  
As soon as he hears the clank of the garage opening it's a race between he and Frank to see who can get to the back door first.  
Right now, Daddy is the most fun, the best playmate, the best story reader, the best fort builder, has the best tools, the best clothes 
(as long as he's wearing something with a Powercat on it), and can do no wrong.  

And it's pretty great.