Pleasant Surprises

29.7.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I spent today's nap time getting caught up on editing personal photos from the past month or so.  It always feels really good to have a down work week to take care of things that get stuck in my proverbial when I have time folder.  Like taping pages of Henry's latest book obsession back together.  
Or scrubbing the kitchen cabinets to clean off the gunk that I stare at every day while I move dishes from the counter, to the sink, to the dish washer, 
to the cabinets, and around and around around again. 

I usually make just enough of a dent that I don't feel like all control is slipping away between my fingers.  

Losing control?  
Not quite.  
(Although some days I'd answer otherwise.) 

But time slipping away?   
Yes, yes, yes.
 Thus, the reason for using almost month-old photos.  But that was sneaky, no? 

It's been almost two weeks since Nelle's surgery, and she is doing wonderfully.  The day of, she handled it in stride, sleeping most of the day, snuggling and smiling.  What a trooper.  We never saw blood-stained tears.  Thank goodness.  The inside corner of her eyes have blistered as expected and will probably remain reddish for several more weeks.  We go back mid-August to get the official word on whether her surgeon feels the correction was adequate, but per surgery day, everything looks good and healthy internally so fingers crossed.  Again, this may not be an indefinite correction.  
But I think Andrew and I would both admit to being pleasantly surprised at how well things went and have gone since. 


Another pleasant surprise (worst transition ever to talk about diapers)...did you know you can throw swim diapers in your washer, lay them out to dry and reuse them?  Ummmmm, we are at the pool almost every day, and two of the three of us wear diapers.  Why am I just learning about this?  
I washed a few by themselves last night and was blown away.  Good as new.  

Summer on before it's gone, friends!

P.S. Also checked off my to-do list lately?  Finally bit the bullet (also known as quit being lazy)
and made myself an actual business page for my photography. 
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