Looking at #3

26.3.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

A week ago we took the littles to my sono and 20 week appointment to see the first glimpse of our third baby together as a family.  There is nothing like seeing that little profile on the screen.  It doesn't matter that we've done the same with Henry, and then Nelle and now bug #3.  It always just lights up my entire face and makes my heart flutter a little bit looking at the newest member of our family, growing and kicking in me.  

Henry was interested a bit, and he has really done well with the concept of the baby growing inside mommy's tummy, especially since then, able to pick out the baby's head from our reel of photos we were sent home with, spontaneously talking about the baby in mommy's tummy.  Something about being at the doctor's office for an hour and a half though really gave my kids a fierce case of ants in their pants because they were alllll over the place - in the waiting room, in the sono room, in the waiting room again and then in my appointment room.  I'm not sure Andrew's been that excited to say see you later in the parking lot afterwards and head to work in a while.  Ha.

I just feel so certain this little one is a boy.  My pregnancy has been so much more similar to Henry's.  Not feeling nauesous but only a handful of times in the very beginning, wanting downhome comfort food and salt.  Give me all the chips.  Also, give me all the lemon.  Citrus is my current jam.  I've had a couple of ocular migraines, just like I did with Henry.  Love our boy name.  Have no girl name.  And I'm just feeling boy.
Featured on I Carry Your Heart this week.

Andrew and I were totally on the same page, but now he's switched camps and decided after looking at sweet baby 3's profile that it's a girl.  Because it looks like Nelle.  Which is funny because I remember thinking after seeing Nelle's little 20-week profile that she looked like Henry so she must be a he.  And she wasn't.

Ahhh, the anticipation is one of my favorite parts.  

The day after my sono I spent some time with the kids talking about the baby in mommy's tummy, and I just can't help but tear up hearing their little voices in the segment below.  It's my first attempt at video with my camera so pardon the quality but having this captured for years to come makes me so happy.  Shaky, out-of-focus home videos are better than no home videos.  (And songs about daughters when you swear you are carrying a son are also okay and not my subconscious talking, Andrew.  I just love that song and the intro is perfection.

Little one, whoever you may be, you are loved.