Easter 10

7.4.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

10 thoughts on Easter this year:

1. It is probably the cutest holiday everrrrrrrr.  Henry in his button up all tucked into his chinos and Nelle in her smocked bishop dress just about did me in.  So did hearing Henry repeating how Jesus loves us as we were trying to explain Easter in terms a two-year-old can understand.  And the excitement they both had finding eggs hidden in a matter of two minutes by the really gung-ho yet quickly ran-out-of-steam Easter bunny who hid eggs in really creative places in half of our yard and then hid three to four eggs next to any flowers popping up in our yard for the other half.  Cutest.  

2. Lightening McQueen trumps all right now.  He showed up in Henry's Easter basket and has gone everywhere with us since. 
Egg hunting, church, the bathroom, swim lessons, Chick-fil-A, bed, walks, the pharmacy, the doctor's office, the flower beds,
the driveway to be covered in chalk, the bathtub and kitchen sink. 

3. Easter basket grass is the worst.  It ended up all over our family room floor not once, but twice.  Worst.

4. Getting children to look at the camera for their own mother is nearly impossible.  I asked Andrew how we would ever get three to do it next year. 
He said we should probably set our expectations low.  Outtakes for the win.  Sweetest.

5. Nelle's one top front tooth gets comments everywhere we go lately.  Funniest.

6. Even a 20 minute nap is better than no nap. 
And I'm talking about me because I'm a-draggin' quite a bit this week since returning from vacation last week. 
Grouchiest and sleepiest.

7.  Nelle's at a hard age to buy for right now. 
Especially when you go to Dillon's at 9pm the night before Easter to get Easter bunny goodies for baskets and the aisles are pretty picked over
...no Peeps even!  Hence the dark chocolate bunny in her basket that I ate almost all of by myself. 
I gave her a couple of bites.  Yummiest.

8. Why is it the weather for Easter weekend is always less than mediocre when compared to just days before? 
Totally unprepared hence the cream cardi with white dress. 

9. These annual Easter selfies are so terrible they're great.  (2014 and 2013)  Favoritest. 

10. Oh hey there smallest, but not for longest.  August is barreling at me like a train.  Fastest.