23 Weeks

17.4.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Oh littlest one, you may not be regularly documented, but you are thought of and talked of often. 

I'm not sure if it's because I have two toddlers terrorizing my house and using me as a jungle gym all the live long day, or it's because this is my third back-to-back-to-back pregnancy, or because we're busier, or because it's my first pregnancy in my thirties.  But while pregnancy-wise - minus the long-lasting, relentless first trimester exhaustion - I have felt really good, overall health-wise I keep picking up all of these pesky illnesses.  And they are not only knocking me on my seat, but keeping me there for quite some time, and I'm just plain worn out by the end of each and every day. 

Mama can't bounce back quite like she used to, I guess.

I'm hoping now that we're past cold and flu season AND the kickoff of a brutal allergy season, it will be a bit smoother sailing from here until August.  Stomach bugs, colds, allergies, and sinus infections...been there done that, I don't want to know you anymore.

Technically I turn 24 weeks tomorrow, which means I'm SIX months pregnant at 12:01am, and I'm really not sure how that happened.  Especially when I had to ask my doctor to remind me how many weeks I was at my appointment on Thursday because who can remember anything anymore? 

Not I.


I haven't gotten nervous yet thinking about all that has to be done between now and then...namely tranistion the two bigs to the shared yet-to-be created toddler room and put together a nursery.  I have ideas swirling around in my head and know it will all come together as needed eventually. 

I'm just riding out my early nesting urges and still sorting and cleaning and throwing out tons and tons of stuff.  Our storage basement room has become one of my favorite places because of all of my neatly stacked clear plastic tubs, labeled and everything.  Plus the more time I spend down there, the more I decide I really don't need to keep those pillows I thought I might recover one day for floor pillows in a kids' playroom so toss them out!  Clutter be gone. 


Bug #3, I never had such strong senses on gender with Henry or Nelle like I do with you.  And I'm just sure you are a boy!  But your dad has yet to be wrong, and I have yet to be right, and he's sticking with girl.  Let it be known he's not coming up with any names mind you, just saying you're headed home with a pink hat and not a blue one.  Whatever you may be, you have to be the lowest riding baby in the existence of time, because I swear I can feel your head directly above my pelvis at any hour of the day, and even though the scale argues differently, I sure feel bigger than the first two go-rounds.  I just can't wait to meet you and kiss your little nose and study every inch of you.