Easter 2014

22.4.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Easter recap:

Second annual family selfie before church:

What a difference a year makes, yes?
I asked Andrew to watch Henry play outside while Nelle napped and I made our lemon bundt cake for Easter dinner (really the only thing from our Easter dinner worth mentioning...I guess our cooking skills knew it was just us four this year and didn't really show up?).

He did for a while, but in typical Andrew fashion, he found his way into the kitchen and started to take over help me so I jumped at the chance to snap a few more pictures of my Easter Ham in his (second) Easter best.  Oh, yes, he went through three pairs of pants on this day.  First pair of khakis he sat in a puddle and got street grime all over his backside.  Second pair he peed through.  Third pair made it into the dirty clothes at the end of the day in tact.  Oh, Ham.

Andrew dodging pictures as he had changed out of his church clothes faster than...well, faster than I knew what was happening.  

It was really a gorgeous day in so many ways.  
Yep, have one of these too.

Feeling blessed.