29.4.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I don't know if it's the cooler and rainy weather that's blown in the last couple of days, 
but my intentions of blogging about our weekend yesterday were trumped by a two-hour nap after playgroup.  

twas glorious.

So.  Catching up...

We made a day trip to Manhattan on Saturday for Spring Game.  We also went last year, sans any kiddos, and I like the idea of continuing to make it when we can.  I had talked about going to K-State with Henry for the few days leading up to it.  I'm positive he didn't understand, but that sure didn't dissipate any of his excitement once we arrived.  (Late.  Because that's how we arrive at everything these days, and it's such a pet peeve of mine.  
But, that's how things happen right now so I've got to learn to accept it.)

Henry sat on Poppa's lap almost the entire game.  Or on the lap of the lady sitting in front of them.  
It takes a village 
 - or - 
another reason why we love K-State so much...
it's all about family.

I mean, I'm not so sure the two college-aged boys sitting next to Nelle while she was crying during the game really thought that, but oh well.  She was just upset...she didn't know whether to cheer for purple or white.  She was prepared...wearing both, but still.  It's a lot of pressure for a wee one. 

Maybe my favorite family of four picture to date.
(Technically family of five - oh, heeeeyyyy Bill!)

And look, Henry still has pants on!

Until about an hour later when in a matter of minutes, 
he scraped both his knees and needed new pants while playing trucks (what else?!) at my parents'.  

Two bum knees and no pants, but that didn't slow him down.  Later he jumped off my parents' couch, 
thought it was so fun scaring the dickens out of his mother and did it 20 more times. 

This boy is WILD, but oh Ham, I just love you.