13.3.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Last weekend was like hands up, hallelujah...spring is here!

We did a few chores around our house that have been incredibly neglected all winter. 
Raking bags upon bags of leaves that fell starting in October and just kept a'comin' through the last several months. 
Washing our cars to get rid of all the winter gunk. 

And the kids just played.  And played.  And played.
We didn't go in until the sun set.  And everyone was happy.
And I realized it wasn't just me that had missed this, but really we all had.

Hoping for more of this tomorrow and Sunday.
What a sight.  Henry walked out the door like this, coming to greet us after he woke up from his nap in his undies.  He didn't bother with pants. 
Nor did he bother with wiping the residual donut evidence he left on his chin.  
And Nelle in her dots on dots, courtesy of Andrew.
That little pot belly might be the cutest.

I celebrated my 30th birthday on Tuesday with this little family of mine.  
Just a little impromptu dinner out where we sat down with a round of waters on a patio, looked through the menu and then decided we didn't want to eat there so mumbled some lame excuse to the wait staff and went to an old standby where the Nelle had a meltdown because she wanted "mo meh" (more milk) than her little cup held.  Thank goodness for a fully stocked bar ready to make White Russians...or fill a sippy cup.  

So this is 30, people.
At least it's mine.