henryisms + nelle says

23.3.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

We had Nelle's 15 month wellness check up a couple of weeks ago,
and I was fully embarrassed when her pediatrician asked what words she says,
and I completely went blank.

She repeats everything we say, and actually knows and says quite a few words (mama, dada, puh-puh for puppy, ball, points at Ham's big boy fire truck potty and says "pah-pah" for potty, points at the big toilet and says "bi-bo" for big boy...clearly we have been spending a lot of time in the bathroom after potty training recently.  "Nah-nah" is also a favorite...for no no and LuLu for her bunny and "whaaammmy" for Lamby - Wubanub paci turned lovie when we cold turkey got rid of the paci by cutting it off, baby, hiiiiii and byyyye-byyyyye.)  But of course, on the spot I couldn't think of anything.  So I just mumbled something about her little parrot behavior saying she mimics whatever we do, and we moved on to her exam. 

Second child problems.
Preggo mommy problems.
Not having a system in place for her soon-to-come baby book problems.

Since I knew I didn't want to blog weekly updates with Nelle during her first year, I just kept milestone notes on my phone and have yet to transfer them to anything concrete.  If someone has a baby book/system they love, I'm all ears.  I plan to pull photos from her first year and create her baby book to be printed along with organizing our broom closet, clean out Andrew's closet, and reorganize our basement storage room. 

When I have time.

So until then, my phone and this blog will have to suffice when it comes to preserving these fleeting baby days.  

It's funny how my perspective has changed with the seasons...yet again.
All of a sudden the sunshine and fresh air has me feeling like these are the days, 
and I don't want to forget them.

Or what they're saying.

Sometimes when I ask Henry to try and pull up his big boy undies on his own, put his shoes on, get something out of his room, etc., he'll say, "no, I want youuuuuu!" meaning "I want you to do it."  Which sometimes drives me crazy, and other times I just close my eyes and hear him saying,
"I want you, Mommy" and all is right.

Henry will randomly ask throughout our week, "you have a baby in your tummy?", and I'll say "yes! and it will get bigger and bigger and then it will come out later this summer after springtime and after we swim a lot at the pool."  To which he says, "and I will say hiiii baby! how are yewww?"

He also sometimes tells me there's a baby in his tummy, and he's feeding it breakfast.

I've ordered a ton of clothes online lately.  Mostly for the kids to get ready for our beach trip, but also a few for Andrew and I.  I need a nicer maternity dress for a few upcoming events and was trying two on last week.  Neither even came close to fitting, and I said "well dang it! I guess I'm going to have to find something else" to no one in particular except Henry heard me and said, "No, you don't say dang it, you just say ohhh mannnn!"  Because I caught him saying dang it when the tractor wasn't in the parking lot at the mall anymore to scoop snow and couldn't figure out where he got it from.