26.7.13 Ali Moore 2 Comments

I'm at a place where I really need to start on something or maybe just finish other somethings in order to move forward, but I just can't.
#2 is kicking my booty, and I've been too pooped to be that productive in the evenings after Henry goes to bed, when I have a couple of hours to myself while Andrew sweats it out in the garage building our barnwood dining room table.

So instead of a nice, thought out post about family, friends, summering, babies, life, work, or anything that falls in between, you're getting this.

Relishing in simple bliss.


Backyard exploring.

What goes up must come down?


An adventure down the street to jump in rain puddles that made this boy's day.

Hide and seek.

Muddy fingers and sun halos.

And finally, these.

 Our little mystery.  I love not finding out.

Happy Friday.  Happy weekend.


  1. Too cute! I'm dying to know if it's a boy or a girl. What a fun surprise! You look so cute, as always!

  2. You and Ham are the sweetest little duo. What fun! Oh. And I need to get my paws on some of those jorts!