Burnt Grilled Cheese

17.7.13 Ali Moore 0 Comments

We're only a handful of Monday gatherings in, but I am already dependent on my moms' group.

There is something to be said about getting together with other mom's deep in the trenches and letting it all hang out.  And I say that because this is not your scrub-your-house-from-top-to-bottom, fix-a gourmet-lunch-and-separate-goodies-for-the-kids kind of group.  In fact, one of the prerequisites for joining the group was you must love burnt grilled cheese.  Literally and figuratively. 

Sure, it's nice when it's not burnt and let's just say most times it's not.  Congrats!  You have your life together.  But sometimes, you forget to flip fast enough, there is dog hair piling up in the corners of your house and let's be honest...you are eating grilled cheese again because you haven't been to the store and can't think of anything else to make.  Oh, and you're really not that expert of a cook.

Yep, it's that kind of group.

 Henry and I were missing those that couldn't make it this week.  
I guess doctor's appointments, swimming lessons and having a baby are all good excuses.  
But it was still such a treat. 

If only blackberries were ripe all year long.

Of course, then every week Henry would try to run the opposite direction of the group while the girls sat nicely and ate their pickings.  Or fall into a mud puddle after our picnic was threatened with light sprinkles that quickly turned into an all-out rain.  Or I'd search for my car keys as the rain came down after all other cars had pulled out of the lot only to find them on the dash ten panicky minutes later.

 Yep.  Even on the most picturesque days we may still be dining on burnt grilled cheese.