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I was feeling pretty sorry for myself when Andrew came home on Friday afternoon from work with a migraine that cancelled our plans of an early dinner and taking Henry to play in the Old Town fountains.  I just felt like all we we had done for two weeks since returning from Manhattan was routine.  My moms' group had been canceled as most were traveling.  Our usual group was out of town so no normal weekend grill-outs and get-togethers where babies fall asleep in pack-and-plays in all rooms of the house and adults eat, drink and are merry. 
Shoots had been postponed for various reasons. 

I really needed a break from the regular, to get me out of my funk, but more so because if I'm totally transparent here I was getting a little panicky.  Had I hit the six-week mark of staying at home with Henry and was already getting bored with a side dose of summer cabin fever? 

I've come to realize I really let thoughts in my head get carried away, and this too was one of those moments.

I LOVE staying at home with him.  It's a dream come true, and my set up as full-time mom and part-time photographer is perfect for us and our life right now.  Andrew asks me every day when he gets home to tell him the funny things that Henry did that day.  Sometimes I have a hard time remembering due to pregnancy brain.  That, and he makes me smile and laugh all day long.  I beam every time he practices the new words he's learning - bird, duck, Bill, ah ah ah ah for monkey, and my favorite - Franklin.  He sounds like he's talking Chinese all day long, but boy does he get excited when he gets one of those right.  Or how he hides when I say it's time to change his diaper.  When he fake laughs to make Andrew or I laugh, he laughs again, we laugh...repeat, repeat, repeat.  He's finally leaning in for his own kisses now; melt my heart.  And running down the driveway towards the street every time we let him loose in the front yard.  Wanting to push the vacuum on his own.  Throwing his arms up when he squeals and tries to outrun us because he loves being chased.  His dance parties and high-fives with daddy.  

It was nice sharing the funny moments together this weekend. 
Some that were downright funny and some that we just had to laugh at because what else can you do. 

Like when Franklin slipped his collar because he was afraid to walk over the grates in the road at the farmer's market
and ran free through the crowds searching for light poles to pee on.  Really.  I can't make this stuff up.

If weekending is a verb, (and as I typed that, no auto-correct popped up, so it must be legit), we weekended good this time. 

My dry spell is gone, and coincidentally, it's rained the past two days. 
Go out and soak up summer.

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  1. Don't tell Henry I said this, but he is SO pretty! I love his summer glow and that blonde hair :) Glad you guys had a great weekend!!!