Sticky Fingers, Muddy Fingers, Chocolate Fingers and More

15.8.13 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I've had to tackle our morning walk in the rain a few times lately. 
It's a feat as you can imagine with a stroller, a wandering dog on a leash, and me holding an umbrella. 
I already need another arm and hand, and #2 isn't here yet.

This week, though, we've been joined with something we haven't seen in a while.  

School buses.

And I must be feeling especially nostalgic about summer, and the beginning of new years, entering halls being one year older and one year taller, and seeing all the moms at the grocery store fretting about making lunches and getting kids out of bed, teeth brushed and into their classrooms on time because I noticed a group of boys probably ages 7-10 this morning playing down at the creek that separates our neighborhood from the rest of the world, no doubt getting muddy, wet, and loving it.  It made me smile, all I could think about, them enjoying a few more days of what's left of summer and their fleeting precious moments of childhood that they'll think of when they pass that creek 10, 20, 30 years from now.  

Maybe I'm a little sappy today most days, but 
a) I'm pregnant, 
b) I can't help but think of Henry starting school in a few years, 
and c) I'm pregnant.   

We're such a ways off from that, yet not when I consider how quickly the weeks and months pass by.  

Feeling especially thankful for the chance to slow down and enjoy him, sticky peach-picking fingers, mud-splashing shoes/hands/legs/whole body, cranky wake-ups, chocolate chip cookie mess on my white curtains and all.