The Gender Debate

22.8.13 Ali Moore 0 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take advantage of our unbelievable much cooler-than-expected weather and dined al fresco for dinner one night.  Henry hoovered his food in as normal, and then signed "all done" so we let him out of his high chair and finished our dinner
at a slower pace like normal.

He kept running to the corner of the yard, sticking rocks in his mouth, looking back at us with a you-know-what grin, shoving them in,
and taking off in the other direction as fast as his little legs could take him.

He does this all. the. time.

He's expanded to acorns too.

I looked at Andrew, sighed from exhaustion and said, "I hope this next baby is a girl because I cannot have two this ornery, this close in age."

Which, if I'm being completely honest, is only partially true.

I think about #2 all the time and the pros and cons of having either a boy or a girl.

Henry and his new sibling will be 19 months apart, which makes me hope for a boy since they will be so close in age so they can be the best of brother friends and throw things at each other, splash in puddles and build forts together, and pinch and pull each other's hair instead of mine. 
(Which is the current phase Henry is in.)  

And, even though school seems so far off, there is a chance these two could be one year apart (because of the way Ham's birthday falls),
and what if it's a girl, and she likes all of Henry's friends (or vice versa)?  

Boys.  Boys would definitely be easier.

But a girl would be different, and bring such a different dynamic to our family.  After all, I'm completely out numbered right now.
Even in our extended family.  On Andrew's side, he is the middle of three boys, his older brother already has a son,
and I've never known them to even have a girl dog until just earlier this year. 

I love not knowing, but I have to admit.  It's harder this time around.  
I thought if I felt any different I'd automatically think we were having a girl. 
There are differences this time, but they are so much subtler than what they could be...subtle enough I can come up with other excuses
for why they are happening other than gender-predicting reasons.

Andrew has no doubt in his mind we are having a girl, but if you pin him down, I think he's just convincing himself of that to mentally prepare.  

The truth is, at least once a week, Andrew looks at me and asks how we got so lucky with Henry. 
He is so good.  So smiley, giggly, curious, communicative, and every once in a while, lovey.

So maybe two boys it is.  I would not mind one bit.

 17ish weeks until we find out.
 (Now vs 2012 with Ham...whoa belly!)