8.8.11 Ali Moore 4 Comments

Friday was a big day.

The rug I ordered from Urban Outfitters finally came in after three months.  I had been looking for a chevron print rug all over the world-wide-web, and couldn't find anything that wasn't black and white at the time.  Then I stumbled upon this beauty in May and knew it was a game-changer.  Only problem, it was on back-order until August 18th. 

I kept my order confirmation email in my inbox all this time and checked my order status every once in a while to make sure the delivery date hadn't changed.  And then before promised, it shipped.

Oh happy day.

It does exactly what I thought it would.

Serves as another place for Franklin to lay on.  I mean, what do you think this is?  Prison?

Doggies don't lay on bare floors.  

Unless they want to.

Also, it serves as a really great place to hold extra Franklin hairs.  You know, so when you come over you are sure to find some to take home with you.

Pretty much I love it, but now it has me itching to to get our horse chair recovered and find a set of parson chairs to face the fireplace to make the rug placement more sensible.  Right now it's a little off.  I know this.  Don't leave a comment about it.  It's one of those understood things.

It also has me wanting to do a few more things to this room.  Some of which I already did.

Like change the photo out on our mantle.  Golden wheat, you sure are purty.

Now, I need to get it mounted properly.  And change out some of the photos above the couch.  

And add some next to the doorway to the living room.  

And probably vacuum.

Wait, here are some more pictures of the d-o-g.  You didn't really think this was only about a rug, right?

I'm going to try and break a personal summer blogging record and blog more than once this week.

I know.  Whoa.


  1. Love the rug and I always love Franklin pics :) Decorating is a full-time job, isn't it?!?

  2. LOVE the rug!!!! Seriously, and the wheat much for a reprint?!?!

  3. Umm... This is what I had in mind for OUR house.... hmmm.... might have to copy you- just sayin :) :)

  4. Do I see "M" coasters on your coffee table? I think I do! Where might have those come from? Love the new addition to your home!