The Everyday

13.8.11 Ali Moore 0 Comments

My parents got some bad news this week that their lab Gracie has cancer.  A very aggressive kind that can't be treated, so they were told to enjoy the time they have left with her and keep her comfortable.  I know Gracie isn't human and there are plenty of people with more heartache and sadness, but that doesn't make it any easier.

I've been thinking a lot about how the promise of tomorrow isn't actually a promise and something I often take for granted.  It's made me think a lot about how much the people (and dogs) in my life mean to me, and how I need to make more effort to show this.  

If you're not a dog person, it won't make sense, but Franklin is 100% a part of our family.  It's not just Andrew and I.  We're a family of three.  I'm vowing to make more memories and capture more memories.  Nothing forced, but it's important to value the everyday things that I don't think twice about, but that always make me smile.

And for Frank, after his life has come and gone, I will never forget how much he loves to look out our front door.  Every morning, I take him for a walk.  He takes a quick power nap, and then comes into my office, jumps onto my lap for attention and then waits until I ask him if he wants to go look out the door at which he scrambles off and runs to the door, waiting for me to open it.  He is content to spend hours laying here.  He loves his routine.

And, I love how happy it makes him.