26.8.11 Ali Moore 2 Comments

My faves from last week's trip to Colorado.  There are so many.

  • My seven and a half hour playlist.  Our car of four was jamming, I don't care how many vetoes they used.
  • Andrew requesting to listen to Murphy.  "Oh, you mean Mumford and Sons."
  • Seeing Dodge City and Garden City.  (The wine on Wednesday night was worth it.)
  • Andrew saying, "smells like money" as we drove past the (many) feedlots on the way to GC.
  • The weather...warm days, cool nights.
  • Seeing the Griffins, including Griff dog and I don't mean Tyson.  :)
  • Seeing the Griffins new house - so excited for and proud of them.
  • The indulgences - wine, beer, ice cream, cigars, pizza, pizza, pizza.
  • The mountains.
  • Our hike up Three Sisters.
  • Casey and Tyson showing each other up to get to the top rock climbing as I debated whether I was afraid of heights.
  • Andrew pitching our mansion of a tent.  That smelled like cow poop and farm.
  • Sitting around the campfire.
  • The hike into our campsite.
  • Sleeping outside and waking up a few times to listen for bears.
  • Breakfast the next morning in Golden.  That hot coffee and cheesy biscuit hit the spot.
  • Free tasting at the Coors brewery.
  • Lora getting a stern talking to after she wandered off by herself.
  • Lora almost killing us driving 55 down a loose gravel road.
  • Help-Me-Rhonda Garmin.  May she rest in peace.
  • Lucille's - mmmm, beignets.
  • The barista in Evergreen.  Ha.
  • The Winchell family pic of three.
  • Seeing the Smith family.
  • Stop it, B., Honey Badger and Double Rainbow.


  1. LOVE your pics. Especially the one of you and Andrew at IKEA...that will TOTALLY be Gabe and I in October. He will be carrying at least 45 white frames for me, while rocking a smile.
    Looks like you guys had a blast. We need to do couples progressive dinner SOON!!! :)