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8.9.11 Ali Moore 1 Comments

My blog archives have been kind of puny the past couple of months.  It looks like Andrew and I have been bums, not updating, decorating, building.  It would be dishonest to say this isn't at least partly true.  It's not that we've been lazy (as I'm hoping you've already seen on my business site, a lot of babies have needed shoots this summer!).  We've just been doing little things here and there around our house, but nothing major.

Nothing major because our budget was being spent elsewhere.

As the seasons change - no more swimming, 100+ heat (at least let's hope not) and regular get togethers with friends around the grill, so did our garage.  Well, technically what's in the garage.

And, nope, it's not a Camaro.  Hard to believe, but Andrew let that dream die.  For now.

No, we bought a new vehicle...for me.

And broke it in the best way you could.

I love this Tahoe.  I love the way it looks, smells, feels, drives.  Love that it fit five adults, tailgating supplies, four sleeping bags and pillows, plus a few other odds and ends and Frank when we drove to Manhattan last weekend.  Love that it's completely K-Stated out with our front license, tow hitch cover and our university license in back.  


I'm also loving my newest furniture purchase(s).
 (And my cute little throw from our Denver Ikea trip.)

Andrew, not so much, but he's at least finally keeping his mouth shut about them.  Ha.

I knew I wanted to add a pair of chairs to our family room to expand seating and make this room feel more complete.  Cozier.  But, I also didn't want anything that would completely block our line of site into this room from the dining room.  And when I found these, I just knew they were perfect.  The lines are great; I love that they feel a little bit old and eclectic.  And once I find a pillow or two, they'll be complete.  We're just one step closer to feeling like this room is done, one layer at a time.  

Obviously the crazy pattern war going on in the corner has got to end sometime.  I actually think I've settled on fabric.  Finally.  
I've only had this horse chair since March.  

The ottoman is actually going to get moved into another room and function, but for now it hangs out with the horses.

I've GOT to update our frame collage on this wall.  I've got a small stock of white frames to get more of a major grouping going on.  
Just need to select photos.

And, of course, I need to fill in our built-in shelves, but I'm not going to rush that.  The china likes having all of the attention right now.

 And while I'm at it, I would like to have the couch throw pillows recovered.  They were the set that came with our couch and our fabric choices were very limited when we placed our order.  

So much to do.  So excited about all of it.

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