A New Duvet

26.9.11 Ali Moore 6 Comments

I haven't felt very bloggy lately.

I just haven't been doing anything super creative around our house over the last several weeks.  First it was buying the Tahoe, and now football season has started so my weekends are overrun with trips to Manhattan or Andrew sitting in his man chair glued to the TV for hours watching NFL teams I don't care about.  (Which is all of them.)

We haven't been total bums.  Andrew fixed our poor water pressure issue on the second sink in the guest bedroom, as well as a non-working cold water faucet in the guest bathroom shower.  He is still keeping his name Handy Andy.

Sometimes though, creativity just finds you instead of the other way around.

Feast your eyes on one of my Ikea purchases from our trip to Colorado:

Pretty, pretty.

Remember, where we started?  
No duvet, just a plain white down comforter that I was pushing my luck with since Franklin sometimes sneaks into the guest room to snooze.

I went to Ikea looking for a white duvet and then got there and just couldn't do it.  
I knew I could add some texture with a white duvet, but it would still look pretty blah.

Actually, Andrew found this one, and I loved it.  He is not only handy, but sometimes has good taste.

Love it.


After I put on the duvet, and especially as I was looking at these pictures, I couldn't help but feel disappointed by the wall above the headboard.  I love a good fake cranberry wreath as much as the next person, but 1) it isn't proportional and 2) I was afraid the navy and white from the duvet would make the red berries too Americana.  I'm just not into themey rooms at this point.

So, as fate would have it, my neighbor across the street decided he liked his house without shutters.  And threw his away in the neighborhood dumpster down by the pool.  And Andrew and I took Frank for a walk many weeks ago and saw them.  And, I just knew if I thought hard enough I could figure out something cute and clever to do with them.  So we took our fair share.  
(Okay, all 12 of them - sorry - you dumpster dive too late, you lose.)

And then piled them up in the garage, until one weekend, I cleaned them, primed them and then gave them two thin coats of creamy white spray paint.  

And then two weeks later, we hung them where the berries used to be.

Much better.

I love the extra pop of white(ish) they bring against the deep blue walls and the extra charm and coziness.  I still don't think I'm done yet though.

I want to craft a burlap pendant banner to hang across the span of all four shutters.  In fact, I was going to have a crafternoon this weekend, but then I couldn't decide what I wanted to spell out.  

All I could come up with was M•O•O•R•E - or - something cheesy like S•W•E•E•T•D•R•E•A•M•S.  LAME-O.

So, if anyone has any good ideas, spill 'em.

I will return the favor.  Like I have eight more shutters that need a home.  Some are this size and some are longer.  I think it would be baller to make a entryway table out of the longer shutters.

I don't have room for one, but just saying.


P.S. I have zero patience for putting on duvets and can't figure out how to get them even and straight on the edges.  I give up.


  1. What about USE PROTECTION.... hahaha..... I am sure Handy Andy will chuckle at this :)

  2. I like Emily's idea, but I would use something catchier. think back to New Years senior years and the signs we hung up Andrea's staircase. Those would really pull the room together.

  3. I will have LOTS of burlap when you come down here in a few weeks!! You can take some back with you!!

  4. What about "Be Our Guest"- stole that off Pinterest, but I just love it. You better believe it will be in my Guest Room one day. Even if you do get to it before me :)

  5. All my suggestions are really long:

    A dream is a wish your heart makes
    No more monkeys jumping on the bed
    Healthy Wealthy Wise (Early to bed & early to Rise)
    Good Morning Beautiful
    The early bird catches the worm

    I LOVE the shutters!!!