Pie = 1, Me = 0

17.10.11 Ali Moore 5 Comments

 and then eventually becomes this:

It's what I like to call ugly, but very delicous homemade apple pie.  

Notice I didn't put any pictures up of the making of the crust.  I followed my mom's recipe exactly (she's a pie master), but for some reason my pie crust dough just wouldn't roll out enough to be stretched across the top of those delicious HC apples 
(honeycrisp - the best ones out there).

Never mind the gaping wholes and weird crust overlaps.  It tasted AMAZING.

Especially topped with caramel vanilla ice cream.

That's pretty much fall on a plate.

Unfortunately, since Andrew was back in Hiawatha helping with harvest I didn't have anyone to share this treat with and may or may not have eaten two pieces the night I baked it while the apple filling was still warm.  

Worth it.