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I'm enjoying my second of two days off this week and loving every minute of it.  I went for a run, had breakfast in bed, shopped, got caught up on Teen Mom and am about to hit up the spa for some more me time then meet up with Andrew at the pool.

I know - sounds amazing and like I am very spoiled.

Guilty, but I also think this is well deserved after the Tuesday I had with Franklin.  

I alluded to that terrible day on the book of face, but here are the dirty, dirty details.  Those with weak stomachs, maybe just skim the pics and move on.  Because this is real life and lately our life is gross.  Mainly my life since Andrew was already at work and would have never made it out of this without throwing up at least once.  For being a farm kid, his skills at handling puke/spit up/poop/etc. are pretty disappointing.
I can't wait until we have kids!

I woke up late and decided to take Frank on a quick walk to at least get him out of the house before I got ready for work and headed in to the office.  We were just about two blocks from home when he lunged for this old Ziploc bag of food that had been leaning up against a tree in someone's front yard.  I immediately yank his leash over and try to get the bag out of his mouth.  He has clamped down soo hard that it doesn't budge. 
Instead it rips and brown liquid and mush fall out.  



The worst smell I have ever smelt is being wafted up, and I am gagging and trying to get this away from Franklin,
getting it all over his nose and mouth and my hands.  

Gag, gag, gag.

Whatever was someone's lunch or snack weeks ago (that has sat out in 100+ temps all this time) is rancid and covering us.
By this time, I'm giving up that I'm ever going to get the bag away from him.

So, he swallows it, the brown mush and maggots whole.  

Talk about breakfast of champions.

I am cursing him under my breath the rest of the way home in between gagging and dry heaving. 
As I'm carrying a bag of poop in one maggoty hand and his leash in another.

We immediately go to the backyard so he can get a bath.

I shower, get ready for work, call in for my status meeting instead of heading to the office and then call the vet.  Just as I suspected, he needs to come in.  I was not going to risk that dang baggie getting stuck in his insides and then having to pay for surgery to get it out later.

Instead, Franklin got an injection to help him throw up and spent four hours at the vet's office.

When I went to pick him up that afternoon, the staff told me as I had barely gotten through the door that whatever came up was very disgusting.  Bag and all.  They had to take breaks and come up to the front of the office to get away from the smell.

Dr. Dugan said it was definitely in her Top 10 most disgusting things she's ever seen.

That's my boy.

Little guy was so excited to see me and ran straight inside once we got home.

And then did this for the rest of the day.

Anyone want to adopt a 2-year old white lab?

Just kidding.  Kind of.