1.7.11 Ali Moore 4 Comments

This is equally horrible and awesome. 

The awesome part:

I submitted Andrew and I to participate in this a-mazing contest to be part of the Don't Give Up Project - this amazing photographer's bootcamp type of weekend where you interact with other photographers and learn about yourself, about others and how to put more meaning into your photographs.

Yep, awesome, and I want to go.

The horrible part:

To enter, we had to submit pictures of ourselves (Andrew and I).  Okay, that's not so bad.


Then I had to combine our pictures to see what our offspring would look like. 

And, now I don't want to have kids.

Alindrew is sooooo CREEPY!

But, as creepy as he/she is, we need your votes to get us into the Don't Give Up Project.

SO - if you like me a lot...or even if you like me just a little and maybe this picture made you laugh a whole lot...please CLICK HERE and leave a comment at the end of the blogpost to vote for us and all of our creepiness.  Do it now, do it only once, but do it before the end of Monday.

Many thanks.

Happy 4th!


  1. I am DYING! This is hilarious! I love how you put the eyes on Andrew and therefore, he/she has mascara on....

  2. What a cutie! He can come to Texas and play with our little red-headed gremlin anytime. I just voted and it said I had to prove I wasn't a psycho before it posted...not sure I can do that, but I'll try! :)

  3. Bahahaha! Love it. You have my vote all the way!

  4. LOVE this!!! HAHAHA!! I just voted and hope you win!!