God's Country

29.6.11 Ali Moore 4 Comments

Andrew and I went back to Hiawatha this past weekend so he could help out with wheat harvest.  Even took a day of vacation for it.  This farming stuff is serious business, or so I'm learning.  Unfortunately, he only got to spend a few hours in the field because Saturday morning it rained and rained and messed up our plans of being there all weekend.  But, as things would turn out, that was actually better because we really just needed Sunday at home.

To do this.

Went to the pool, watched Marley and Me (ugly cried AGAIN) and had homemade pizza.
Pretty nice little Sunday.

And, while Andrew was out on the farm on Friday, I was spending the day with Halley, my sister-in-law Hillary and nieces Quinn and Brynnan.  Halley and I took Quinn to the pool and taught her "real swimming lessons".  She was so concerned she didn't know how to swim, so I told her I'd teach her.  After all, I actually used to teach three- and four-year-olds all about bubble blowing and kicking not too many years ago.  Everything we did that afternoon, prompted Quinn to ask, "but do they do this at real swimming lessons?"  YES.  At least they did when I taught them.

Everything, but this.  Talk about a ham.

Work it gurrrrl.

 We had an impromptu photo shoot, and I had Quinn show me all of her best modeling faces.





Pretty sure she has been practicing in the mirror.

But back to the reason of the season.  Welcome to Brown County, Kansas.
Or, as the locals call it, God's Country.

What?  You didn't know this existed and how beautiful it can be?

Ya'll come visit anytime.  :)

But, word to the wise (is that how the saying goes?), don't squat in the wheat no matter how great you think that perspective will make your photos look.  I got bit by very angry chiggers.  That's not even fair to say.  They full blown attacked me.  I have bites everywhere.

 If there were 100 people and one bug it would find me.  What can I say, I'm blessed.

 Andrew got a few bites.  I have 13 in my armpit.  Yep, armpit.  I will spare showing you a pic.  But, they are everywhere.  This is not an exaggeration.  They are in places they shouldn't be.

And, I'll leave it at that.

 ...or not.

No, I can't let it go without explaining the discomfort that's going on all over my body right now.  I was wearing a dress.  Crouching in a wheat field.  Exposed.

I look like I've been rolling around in the grass in my birthday suit.
For the record, I have not.

Let's talk about something less itchy.

Watch Franklin transform from I-live-in-the-city-and-sleep-on-human-beds to country-dawg-extraordinaire in no time flat.  It's his super power.

So close to the holiday weekend.
Hope my bites go away in time to wear a cute patriotic dress without looking diseased. 


  1. One hot swim lessons coach :) Looking good girl!

  2. Franklin is sooo cute in all that wheat. Love his little tail sticking out.
    All the shots are great Ali!

  3. Umm. I LOVE YOUR SWIMSUIT! So cute... and you look great- Ali (hotty body). Love the photos too... oh, and I am really excited to see you in AUG!

  4. Bugs love me too. We should stand next to each other and see which one they pick. I would give you a run for your money.

    Great pics!!