The Finish Line

8.6.11 Ali Moore 8 Comments

I did it!  10k - check.  

 After several weeks of training, I ran my first 10k last Saturday morning for the Wichita River Run. 

Having no frame of reference, all I wanted to do was run the entire thing and not walk.  Did it!  The first three miles felt awesome, I was happy to see mile marker four, and I knew I was going to make it to the end...even so, I was very happy to see mile marker 5.  And sooner than later (although it felt like later), I crossed the finish line!  

 Close to 30 minutes after this guy, but I didn't care.  

 I accomplished something I never thought I would do, and I'm so proud of myself.  Proud enough to buy that necklace...maybe actually two because I found another one that screams, "good job, you just ran your first 10k."  :)

Things I learned and have had plenty of time to think about during the 50+ miles I ran during training:
1. Two pairs are better than one...when it comes to socks while running.
2. Did you know when you run long distances consistently you can lose weight?  Who would have thought.
3. Nike GPS has been misleading me!  When I crossed the finish line at the 10k, my app told me I still had almost .75 miles to go.  Glad I've been erring on the long side as opposed to the short side.
4. I never would have kept up with the running if I didn't have an end goal in mind.  I knew if I missed a run I would pay for it the next time and never make it the full 6.2 miles.  That being said, let's see if I keep this running thing up now that the race is over.  So far so good.  One run down this week, two to go.
5. Similar to the above, since I blabbed on this blog that I was running this 10k, I felt like I couldn't quit without feeling like a loser since I made this info public.  Good motivation.  No one wants to be a loser.
6. I can't eat before I run...or really drink either.  Give me a couple swigs of OJ and I'm good to go in the mornings.
7.  If I got bored with running, I had to switch up my routes, download new music, critique the houses I was running past...anything to not think about how I couldn't catch my breath and that my legs felt numb.
8.  Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing.  Thank you Laura for convincing/peer pressuring me to do this!  

And, thank you Andrew for being the photographer for the day and focusing on the tree instead of our faces after the race.  :)


  1. congratulations! that's awesome!

  2. Yay Ali amazing job!! Next up half marathon?!

  3. Nice work! I have yet to complete a 10k, but it's on my to do list. I am so not a runner, but you have definitely inspired me!

  4. Way to go Ali! That is awesome! Now I am a little more motivated off this comfy couch.

  5. Hello, Ali! I saw a link to my website from your blog and wanted to stop by and say hello! HUGE congrats on running your race and I am so honored that you like my necklace! I hope to see you in the shop soon. You should be so proud of your accomplishment!