Pee Pants

6.6.11 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Franklin peed on our bed twice last week.  I am so annoyed/frustrated/grossed out. 

Andrew thinks maybe he is the Benjamin Button of dogs.  Like he is reverting back to his puppy days.  But if that is the case what is he going to be like when he's much older?  He is not even two yet.

This is what I think the problem is.  

Franklin gets tired in the evenings and slinks off to our bedroom to sleep on our bed when we are still watching TV, reading, whatever.  When we are getting ready for bed, we kick him off and take him out to do his business.  He squats as fast as possible and then races back inside to the bedroom to again sleep on our bed.  

We kick him off, everyone sleeps, the end.

Except sometime early in the morning before our alarms go off, Frank gets up and wakes up Andrew and he mistakes his awakeness as wanting to get on our bed instead of needing to go out.  And, as you are all aware by now, Franklin will do anything to get on the bed.

So Franklin cuddles in and I think his pee leaks out.  These are not full blown pees.  More like little tinkles.  But still.  Ick.

So, then when Andrew gets up for work and I am sleeping in Franklin just lays there by me because he is so attached he doesn't want to move.  (He just knows I will feed him when I get up so he doesn't want to get too far away, a.k.a. stuck outside.)

So by then he has held it for a few hours and can't anymore and leaks again.  

Moral of the story - both of my down comforters are at the dry cleaners.  Franklin still wants to sleep on the bed.  He walked around with pee pants on until I finally gave him a bath on Friday.  I am tired of washing and rewashing our bedding.

Franklin is now starting to feel a bit embarrassed about his lack of bladder control.

 Not embarrassed enough to sleep on the floor, though. 

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  1. Oh franko!!! We had a quality trip to the emergency vet this weekend (everything is fine)... oh dogs.