Seating for Eight

24.5.11 Ali Moore 2 Comments

We've been deceivingly quiet trying to complete our latest project.  Anddddd, Handy Andy has done it again.  He's so good to me.

Our indoor dining space is super small and our circle of Wichita friends is growing (yipee! everyone should move here, btw) so we really wanted to add some outdoor dining space to our backyard so we could accommodate better.  
So, Andrew built this amazing cedar outdoor table that we debuted on Saturday night.

 The table was a success, my next day wasn't.  Blah.  

And as amazing as the table is, something else stole the show.  Hello, Tex Winter Winchell.  Holy cuteness.  (Excuse Franklin's huge schnoz in the way.)

 I want another puppy!  No I don't.  Yes I do.  No.  Yes.  No.

 He and Franklin were hilarious together.  Tex is fearless.  Franklin is fearful.  
He doesn't know what to do with him, except smell his tiny tushy over and over.  
 Here's to more fun nights outside this summer.  

 And, please don't let Andrew be mad that when I put this pot on the table it left a ring of scratches.  Eeeehhhh.


  1. That table rocks! Way to go Andrew!

  2. Andrew is loving his new table and his cigar! And great pics of Tex! You are so talented Mrs. Moore.