Sometimes I Make Bad Decisions

6.5.11 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I have agreed to run a 10k.  I have to share that with you or else I will back out...because I hate running.

Laura and Lora used peer pressure to make me do this.  I'm trying to see the positives - I'll run father than I've ever run before (that actually sounds like a negative), maybe I will trim up for swimsuit season, I just got new running shoes - now they will be put to use, etc.  

To keep myself motivated, I downloaded the Nike GPS app to track my distance, pace, time, etc.  I have to say, for not being a runner, I love it.  

And, I think I'm going to buy myself this dainty necklace.

I find myself repeating what my yoga instructor says a lot - nothing lasts forever - while I'm either dragging Franklin or he's dragging me during our runs.  I have a feeling I'll probably say that 10 times tomorrow when I do my long run for the week - 3.5 miles.  I'm already dreading it.  

Maybe I should buy myself that necklace as a halfway-done-training congrats?