2.5.11 Ali Moore 2 Comments

We are coming off of a #27 high.  Menards, a new home improvement store in Wichita, hosted Jordy Nelson to sign autographs for their grand opening.  I stood in line for over two hours while Andrew picked up supplies for our next project, but it was totally worth it.  (Side note - the store on the west side of town hosted a KU player and didn't have near the crowd from tonight.  K-Staters really are the best fans.)

I love Jordy.  So does Andrew.  As we were heading to the store, I questioned why we didn't name Franklin Jordy instead.  Or Nelson.  He is totally a Nelson.  Not going to lie, I have wondered if I should name my first born Jordy.  But Jordy Moore just doesn't do it for me.  Jordy Dawson however... (I'm just saying, Chris and Lauren...).

He is such a great Midwestern kid, with an amazing story and seems still so down to Earth.  Love Jordy.  Go Cats.

I have to go calm the boys down.  Pretty good night.


  1. Jordy Dawson... LOVE it. I think I could get Chris interested in talking baby names with that idea ;)