29.4.11 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I have a problem when I have too much of a lull on house projects, a.k.a winter.  I get stir crazy in my brain and think of a billion things I want to update in my house.  I self-medicated by picking up several large white frames from Ikea when we drove through the Big D two weekends ago.  I was so excited, and I couldn't even get my focus under control enough for one measly picture.  Yikes.

 I had just gotten Andrew to hang up a handful of frames we already had with our painting not that long ago, but I just didn't love it.  I hate that feeling.  I was kind of excited because everything was up on the wall and it was something I could check off the list, but it just wasn't doing it for me.  And I work at home and stare at the same things all day long so it didn't take too much time to decide it wasn't going to be permanent.  I liked everything I had put up, but our living room wall is so huge that the arrangement looked puny.

So voila, added frames, hung them myself (terrible idea - this did not go well but the drama is over so whatevs), and filled them with "art" until I have some new blue-ish photos to print for the larger frames.  

 So, so much happier with this.  I think it looks so much more polished, but not too planned; the asymetricality is much more interesting to look at.  (Asymetricality - is that even a word??)

I have been threatened not to change this again (our walls probably look like swiss cheese under all of those frames), but that's the beauty of this.  There's still space to add a few smaller frames here and there, and I change out the prints and photos as much as I'd like on the cheap.  Winning.

Double-winning since my mom finished recovering our pillows for an added pop of spring color.  I talked her into sewing different fabric for each front and back and love how it turned out.  She was not so convinced about the mix and matching, but thanks for your input, but just do the sewing.  Kidding!  I'm very, very appreciative of your handywork.  :)

(Side note: I still want to use some of my own handywork and move Andrew's honkin' man chair to the basement.  Ughhhhh...)

Instead, I have been crafting for mis amigas.  

First up, for Halley and her new home once she gets married this July:
 Isn't this fun?  So, so easy to do.  I just whipped it up in Illustrator, printed it at Fedex Office and found a frame to dress up the print a bit.  I think this would be super cute for a baby's room, as well.  You could put their birthday, weight/height info, etc., etc.  I've got babies on the brain.

BECAUSE, I also crafted for Stacy, (whom you may have already seen here, and if you didn't then check out my biz already), who is having a little girl this summer.

Again, super simple - you could even design this in PowerPoint if you have limited design software on your computer.  Print, frame, hang.  Instant cuteness.

Now, go weekend - eat, sleep, nest.