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28.4.11 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Two weekends ago, Andrew, my mom and I drove south to visit my Aunt Jan and Uncle Tom.  It was a long overdue trip.  They've been "up north" for our wedding, our first time hosting Thanksgiving and my sister's wedding.  So we owed them.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that they had beautiful sunny 70 degree weather and it snowed in Kansas City the weekend we were there.  Suckers.  

For Andrew, this was a pretty momentous trip.  We had talked about this being the year of the road trip.  As many of you know, he had planned on buying a Camaro after he turned 25.  (To save on the insurance, obviously.)  Well, 25 came and went, he did some test drives, obsessed about this, researched for hours every day after work, etc.  I am not exaggerating even the slightest.  So, he finds "the one", we drive to Kansas City to buy it and the dealer will not budge.  I start having second thoughts...after all, this is not the most practical vehicle in the world.  My car and his truck will need to be replaced sooner than later.  Do car seats fit in the back of Camaros?  Not that this is an issue now, but if we buy this thing it will be around for a very long time.  And then the unthinkable happens.

He lets the dream die.

So, instead of being southbound I-35 in the a Camaro, we are driving my mom's Ford Fusion.  Just as cool.  

Something made up for it though.  Well two things, actually.
And Andrew got to drive them - The '57 Chevy and The Judge, thanks to my Uncle Tom and his "toys".

I think Andrew is a little sad as my first car shoot was supposed to be for him, but I guess he got over it.

 Never mind when we stopped for gas and the battery died in one, and that Andrew got rear-ended in the other.  True story.  Everyone was fine, wasn't anything we could have prevented, the joy ride was fun while it lasted and thank goodness the driver at fault has insurance.  

Of course, now he's thinking an old '68 Camaro instead of a new one.  


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  1. lol...i wish i could have seen his face.