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Finally, you listened.  

Welcome, Spring.  We've been waiting for you.

 Loving, loving, loving everything new blooming outside our home. Don't all the colors just put you in a good mood?  The birds chirping and sunny skies don't hurt either. 

Loving the changes inside our home too.  Found this perfect set of shams at TJMaxx this past weekend when Halley and I were out for a changing of the seasons shopping extravaganza.  

I love the contrast between the stripes.  Perfect match.

And, I wasn't joking about the shopping extravaganza.  I spent some moolah. 

I may have gone a little overboard, but I haven't shopped since at least November. 
That's a long time, folks.

We finally got Andrew's Christmas gift put up in our front flower bed. 

There should be no confusion of 1)who lives in our house and 2)that we love K-State.  Not that there was before with Willie flying high over the front porch. 

Speaking of Willie, I miss this already:

And #0.  I seriously feel like crying when I watch all of the Jake video montages on YouTube. 
Sad face.

What else?

We finished Phase III of the living room makeover!  I decided we needed something a little less structured than our new Ikea knock-off shelves so I started an arrangement that consists of come cute 1940s tulip Etsy prints that were reclaimed from an old farmhouse and originally printed by the Associated Bulb Growers of Holland.  I added my hydrangea painting from Erica Eriksdotter and a few blue shots from Napa and some extra fabric I already had to tie it all together. 

 My plan is to continue to add to this wall with other framed shades of blue...and maybe move the frames closer together.  Haven't decided yet, but that's what YHL did on their new wall o'frames so it must be right.  I'm still on the hunt for new floor lamps and at least an 8x10 rug.  The one I had my eye on at doesn't come in a big enough size anymore.  Boo.

Other than that, things are pretty normal around here. 

Franklin cuddles:

Andrew makes pizza (now with whole wheat crust, yum!):

We can't figure out why we have spotted green grass in the front yard:

I buy myself flowers:

And also buy ugly chairs from Estate Sales:

Yipee!  A new project!  Sorry, I've been holding out on you.  I've had it for two weeks.  I just wanted to keep the horses all to myself.

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  1. ok, i know you're a real photographer now so you should probably be charging for your work....but is there any way you could run a "friend special" and send me those first 11 nature-y pics?? they are amazing! i want them in my house! obsessed.