Spring Fever

2.3.11 Ali Moore 1 Comments

I think my favorite month might be March.  

It doesn't hurt that my birthday is this month.  

But, really.  I just think of this month as when the weather starts looking up.  Everyone gets spring fever.  It's impossible to go to out and run errands without ending up with wanting to replace your entire wardrobe, redecorate your house, or at least buy a pretty spring wreath for your front door.  Sometimes I think I'd really like to live much further south so I could avoid winter and snow and blustery cold winds.  But I think I'd miss the seasons changing too much.  Especially from winter to spring and summer to fall.  The seasons changing offer so many promises - a sense of renewal, better things to come, energy to do the things you said you wanted to, but didn't get to last year. 

Tulip stems are pushing their way up out of the earth into our flower beds.  The garden center is slowing being constructed in the grocery store parking lot. The grass is even getting greener in our backyard.  Yesterday I walked the dog in shorts.  High school boys ran through the neighborhood without shirts on.

I know it will be cold and warm and cold and warm again for a while.  But, I'm going to relish in the warm days.  And probably join Franklin on the cold days.  He's got the right idea.

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  1. He is so cute! Did you coordinate your sheets with the color of his coat? He fits right in :)

    And...so ready for spring!!!