Love and Basketball

9.3.11 Ali Moore 3 Comments

I forgot to mention another very important reason I love the month of March.  It's Madness, baby.  Loving my Cats even more than normal this month.  I'm so excited for the Big 12 tournament to start and am praying we keep clicking when the dance begins.  

Until then, you have to check out these cute, cute, CUTE kids I got to photography during their Pig b-ball tourney last Friday afternoon at the Boys and Girls Club in Wichita.  

Thanks to Lora for thinking of me for this opportunity!

 Maybe some future Pullens and McGruders in attendance? 

Seriously, how cute is she?  And pretty baller that she beat the boys to win.  
 Girl Power!  Spice up your life!

I obviously need to get out more.

I know I shouldn't be complaining about the weather since it's not like it's snowing outside.  It's just cooler, rainy and gray.  Manageable.  But seriously, spring.  Hurry up.  I don't want to have to reference the Spice Girls ever again.


  1. franklin is so cute it's sick!! bring him to my house now.

  2. Those kids are precious! I love them all. GREAT pictures :)

  3. Couple thoughts...

    1. LOVE the girl in the first picture throwing out the deuces ;)!


    2. Please don't be ashamed of your childhood...Spice Girls were very cool at the time :) When you wrote "Spice up your life" I started to sing along...