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Today I cleaned out my purse and found the following:
1. One hotel parking pass
2. Two movie ticket stubs
3. Three pens
4. Two vitamins
5. One Twizzler

I'm sure many of you have heard crazy stories about my neighbor Bill.  He is a nice, older man...a little off...loves to follow Andrew around like a little puppy dog...and is always tinkering with things.  Andrew and I joke that he takes things apart "because they are broken" just to have something to do.  The other day he told me he was working on his lawn mower, but didn't have a washer for a certain part.  Instead he used a CD.  I asked him if when he started his mower up if it played music now.  

He thought I was really funny.

A lost dog found it's way into our neighborhood last Monday night.  Long story short, it ended up staying with us (in the backyard/garage), at our neighbor's house, back at our house, jumped our 6-foot wooden fence, ended up at the animal shelter and after being bailed out by my neighbor, is now a permanent resident at her house.  Pretty sure the dog got dumped...I guess she picked the right street to land on, though. 

Franklin turned two on Saturday!  Pictures to come, but can't believe my little love bug is growing up. 

My friend Halley told me either he's in his terrible two's (in people years) or 14 and a bratty teenager (in dog years).  Either way, I guess we're in for a fun next 12 months?  Based on him giving me the look...
...I'm going to say yes.

Happy Monday everyone!

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