Yellow Snow

10.2.11 Ali Moore 4 Comments

Although I freaked out a little the night before Rachel's wedding shower, I have to say, it went very well.  Andrew, as always, helped me finish the food, pack up and got us on the road at 7am Saturday morning.  He's amazing.  We arrived in Hiawatha with enough time to stop by and see our nephew Leyton, pick up some last minute things from the store and check into our rental cabin to set up.  Lucky for  me, Andrew and my assistant for the day, Halley, helped me pull it all together right as our guests started to arrive. 

I tried to incorporate a similar theme as the wedding and think the simple decor really came together.

Unless everyone was lying to be nice, reviews on the food were all very good.  I made cake balls for the first time.  Easy to mix the filling, way harder than I thought it was going to be to dip those little suckers in the candy coating.  Even if they weren't the prettiest, they tasted really great.  I didn't want to just call them cake balls because that is such a mundane name.  So instead, I tried to fancy them up and call them Lemon Snowballs.  Yes, that would make them yellow inside.  My snowballs are yellow.  I made my guests eat yellow snow.  Hmm.

Lesson learned.

 All in all, what a great day!  Super excited that Rachel got to have the wedding shower experience even though her wedding is just around the corner.  Wedding bells will be ringing soon!


  1. Your cake balls look great! How did you get your drizzled chocolate to look so good!? Aren't they SO delicious? :)

  2. Great shower, great food, great assistant! Ha!

  3. It was an amazing shower! Thank you so much:) Love you Matron of Honor!

  4. Just getting caught up in the blog world…love EVERYTHING! Great job to the hostesses! :) Can't wait to see pics from the wedding!