Rack Em

3.2.11 Ali Moore 2 Comments

I have been on the lookout for an old wooden ladder.  I actually found one several months ago...burning in the trash at Andrew's parents right after I had a brilliant idea.  Light-bulb worthy.  But, since my ladder was quickly turning into ash, my idea has just been tucked away until I could find another one.  

I really love thinking that nothing happens by mistake.  Because as I have been on the hunt for another old wooden ladder, we were entering no-spend January and tearing down our previous hodge-podge shelves in our basement storage room.  And interestingly enough, one wall of shelves was supported by three of these.   

 Very ladder-reminiscent.

And since I hadn't found an old wooden ladder on my own and since I couldn't buy one if I had, one found me.  

 And now my ladder is my cute magazine rack in my office.  I get tons and tons of magazines in the mail for free - perk of the job - and they stack up so quickly around our house.  Now, I have a great way to store the most frequent. 

 I'm loving the bright cheery spring covers.  And loving that this project was completely free.  

Oh, and did I mention there were actually three of these ladder contraptions?  Anyone want the other two?  Otherwise, I may paint them and put them in my spring garage sale.  Here's hoping I can convince future garage sale shoppers that ladders do have more purposes than for climbing.