Make Me Over

14.2.11 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Now that Phase I of my living room makeover is complete, it's even more obvious that I needed an update.  We have a fantastic neutral palate to work from so no furniture needs to be replaced which  means this re-do should be relatively economical.  Should be.  There are a few updates or additions that could be a bit pricey, but if we continue in phases as planned, I can save my pennies for the big purchases down the road.

Nothing I've chosen below is for sure (mainly because I want to keep my costs down and am always trying to DIY where I can), but if my living room looks like this in the end, yipee skippy.  

Here's the breakdown:

1. - I'm stuck on updating our rug situation.  I loved the Target rug we've used in our living room for it's price, and the fact that we got it while Franklin was mid-potty training.  Enough said.  But, it's base is brown, and the pup's hair shows too easily.  Plus, I love this graphic pattern and much more soothing tone. 

2. I cannot wait to upgrade our curtains.  The current are so puny.  The problem is, our big bay window is beautiful, and I love love love it, but the wide space is really hard to match a long enough curtain rod.  So, the plan is to extend the current curtain rod, maybe hang it higher (if I can convince Andrew to help me with this), and either DIY my own curtains or buy these lovelies from Pottery Barn... on sale right now...  And that rustic barn wood behind the drapes?  Love.

3. White wood gallery frames.  Lots of my own photos, prints, etc.  Also from my fav, PB.

4.  Our front window is beautiful, but unfortunately doesn't let in as much light as you'd think since our front porch is covered.  And, much to my dismay, there is no overhead ceiling light in our living room either.  So, we've got to step it up and find some better lighting solutions for all areas of this space.  I love the white crispness and think a pair from would be a great addition.

5 and 6. As mentioned above, our furniture is already a great backdrop.  Our linen couch, combined with the Valspar wall and trim colors are some of the only things staying in the room.  Besides the side tables and huge honkin TV for Handy Andy.

7. I love this chair from Crate and Barrel.  I think about it all the time.  I'd love a pair of chairs to place in front of our window along with either a small occasional table or possibly ottoman with a decorative tray.  This chair is the exact shape I'm looking for, plus the graphic print and blue color are exactly what I had in mind.  Unfortunately, they are more than I want to spend on a set of chairs right now. 

8.  We have a LOT of wall space.  These shelves from Ikea would offer so much space to display all things from number three.  Add some interest, bring the eye up to our crown molding, etc.  I like.

9.  Finally, I'm planning on bringing in a lot of color and patterns with some new throw pillows.  My super mom is recovering all of our previous pillows.  Mainly because they need to be so they'll fit within the new room once it's makeover is complete, but also because Franklin has destroyed anything with a zipper, button, any type of closure, etc.  So I have been left with a lot of pillow forms and no covers.  Not for much longer though...

Stay tuned...Phase II is already in the works...