The Happy Couple

25.2.11 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Congrats to Mr. Jon and Rachel Sielaff!  My little sister got married last weekend, my parents are official empty nesters, and I gave one very funny toast (if I do say so myself).  I think it's always appropriate for siblings to tell embarrassing stories when someone hands you a mic in front of a crowded room.  Maybe Rachel should have thought about that when she made copies of my diary when we were growing up and handed them out to her friends at school.  No, Rachel, I haven't forgotten about that.  What do people say about karma...?  :)

We had a wonderful weekend in Iowa with family.  We celebrated two very important birthdays on Friday with an Andrew Moore pizza special and a few gifts...some even homemade.  

 We also tried to mark Brynnan's first birthday with some pictures, but the girl was not having it.  Our photo shoot lasted all of five minutes, and she refused to smile.  Oh well.  Next time.

Don't worry; no babies were harmed during shooting.  She just has this talent where even her fake cries produce real tears.  I feel bad for her future boyfriends.  She is going to get everything she wants with those waterworks.  

So happy for Jon and Rachel as they start their new life together in St. Louis.  

And Happy Friday to all of you.  Cats, Cats, Cats this weekend.  Finishing a project that said it was a one-day thing.  Hmm.  We're two weeks and counting at our house.  Time to bring it in.