It's Franklin's World

9.8.10 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Andrew and I finally had a free weekend, and it was so nice doing nothing, but getting caught up on life, i.e. GTL.  I typically don't watch Jersey Shore, but with all the buzz about the second season I couldn't resist the reference.  And, we did gym - tan (pool) - laundry this weekend.  Just no fist-pumping.  :)

Instead Franklin soaked up the opportunity to hang out with us as much as possible.  I guess he feels like he's been neglected?  Yeah, right.

We kept finding him lounging in places he isn't supposed to on our bed...

and on both of the couches...

Ridiculous!  Check out that attitude!

Adele brought Bailey back to Wichita this weekend so she had a play date with Frank.  They are best buds.  :)

I got some much-needed girl time as Adele and I tried a new restaurant, Mike's Wine Dive and had such a good time.  I would definitely go back.

Really looking forward to tonight.  One of the neighborhood pools close by has dog day the last day of the season.  Franklin is going swimming tonight!  He's going to be so excited, and I can hardly contain myself.

Stay tuned for (hopefully) some great pics of the event!

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  1. I love the remote in Franklin's mouth too! Bad boy!