First Day of Kindergarten

10.8.10 Ali Moore 3 Comments

As you read earlier, Andrew and I were so excited to take Franklin to College Hill Pool Day so he could swim yesterday evening.  And, I thought Franklin would love it. 


I guess I underestimated how timid he can really be when overwhelmed with lots of other dogs.  There were 100s all vying for their spot in this neighborhood pool.  And Franklin was worried.  He wants to be everyone's best friend, but do they want to be his?  Will they share their toys?  Will the big dogs play nice?  (Okay, maybe I was worried, too.)

He was exactly as I imagine the first day of kindgergarten will go for our future children.  I mean, I know he's spoiled, but sometimes I forget how much of a momma's boy he really is. 

So here's how it went.

And apologies now for the long post. 

We get to the pool, have Franklin on his leash and as he is jumping out of the car somehow he slips out of his collar and is running free up and down the street and sidewalks.  Oh boy.  Andrew wrangles him back in and we head to the entrance of the pool.  Along with several other dogs and owners.  And then he starts to freak out a little.  Doesn't want to walk through the gate because there's too much commotion.  So we wait a little.

Finally, he follows me in, and he's darting all over the place with Andrew in tow behind.  We decide to try the deep end first because it is way less crowded and that's where most of the big dogs are.  Plus, he's swam before in a lake so we know he can do it.  After a lot of coaxing (and maybe a nudge or two) he's in!  Woohoo!  Swimming around, doing his cute doggie paddle and then wants back out.  And struggles because Andrew has to pull him out on the side, and he keeps slipping since his collar is so loose because his neck is so thick.  Yes, I have a husky dog.  But we get him out.  And then he throws up a little since too much water went down the wrong pipe.  Ah, geez. 

So maybe we should head to the shallow end.  It's zero-depth entry so you can walk right in like the ocean instead of having to be dropped into the water.  Except this area is crazy busy.  So we take our time.  If I wander into the water, Franklin will follow.  Because like I said, he's a momma's boy and I'm his safe place. 

And hence the kindgergarten reference.  Stuck in between Mom and Dad checking everyone else out from a safe distance.

Well, kind of from a safe distance...

After a while though, I think he starts to realize what's going on.  These dogs are swimming machines!  And he wants to be a big kid, too! 

He really is a good swimmer, but was just a little cautious about all of the dogs around him.  Like super cautious.  Like so cautious that if one accidentally touched him he squealed like a little puppy and made a huge scene.  He got over this, but continued to be a little jumpy. 

And of course I got a little nervous when he got too far away because he's my little guy.  We spend all day, every day together, remember??  And once again I'm so glad we got a dog so I can work on this smothering before we have kids.  :)

And then the fun started.  Because then he saw his favorite - a frisbee.  Who cares if it's someone else's, right? 

He'd track that frisbee down and circle back with it, scanning the crowd for Andrew and I. 

So proud.  Finally we get him to play with his own toy and all is good. 

After about an hour, we had decided maybe he needed a break.  But then I saw a couple of "accidents" floating along the bottom of the pool and decided it was really just time to go.  And really glad Franklin wasn't the cause of those accidents. 

And so we did with our little guy asleep in the back seat before we made it back home.

So I'm not sure he loved it as much as I thought he would, but I think he had at least a little fun.  We donated $10 to the human society to get in, and I got some great pics so all-in-all...totally worth it.  :)


  1. I love it!!! What a cool event. I don't think Hazel can or ever will be able to swim. She would be the dork with a life-jacket on!

  2. This post made me laugh. How cute!!! Ok, so if Tyson went to an event like this: here is how it would go. Tyson would be pulling us like crazy on his leash to get in there as quick as possible. He would get it, run around like crazy saying hi to EVERY dog in the area. He would not swim, he might put his paws in, but not let his feet off the ground. Adam would eventually push him in, he would fall, start shaking and swim like a nerd out. He doesn't realize he can swim.

  3. I can't wait for you to have kids. You are going to be such a great momma! We love Frank :)