The HAPpiest Place on Earth

23.8.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I went back to Hiawatha this past Friday/Saturday to attend a benefit at the HAP (Hiawatha Aquatic Park) for Susie McElroy - a good friend's mom and also a past boss.  She's the manager of the HAP and LOVES the pool.  Here's a pic from the summer I was assistant manager...

Really, I think the pool is Susie's favorite place in the world.  She and I spent many, many hours basking in the sun together so it was really awful to hear she is battling a brain tumor.

Really - I'm not sure you can find better people than in Hiawatha.  The town is rallying around Susie and her family and everyone was there to partake in a community swim meet, along with lots of other really fun events.  Like the cannonball contest.  :)

I participated in the fastest-down-the-slide contest, but didn't win.  Although I sure felt like I was going fast.  Guess I've lost my touch.

It was a great day, and I was really excited to spend some time with my brother and his family, as well as see so many good friends from high school.

Quinn was super excited to see Willie the Wildcat who was scheduled to make an appearance.  Except she kept calling him Wally.  She and Noel even practiced saying K-State's #1.

Not sure anyone was surprised that when she actually came face-to-face with Willie she was completely terrified.  Oh well. 

It was still a success as it was Quinn's first trip to the HAP and it was so fun watching her conquer the frog slide!

And Brynnan had a pretty good time getting oohed and ahhed over.

So glad I could make it back for this special event.  Susie - we are praying for you!
(Taken at Susie's birthday party at the pool several years ago.)