Where did the summer go?

28.9.09 Ali Moore 1 Comments

It's official - fall is here and the warm weather of summer has slipped away. I really, really hate cold weather so this makes me very sad.

I try to like fall, but it just reminds me that winter is coming and then I start to resent fall again.

However, I made a list of things to help me like fall. Because there are some great things about this season.

1. Football, especially purple people. :) And, nostalgia for high school games.

2. If you are from Hiawatha, the city of beautiful maples, you can really appreciate this one - the leaves changing colors. They are just starting to change in Wichita, but Franklin and I see a few red leaves falling every now and then on our morning walk. They are beautiful! And, I really love the crunchy sound they make when you walk over them.(Photo credit, cityofhiawatha.org)

3. Again, Hiawatha-reference...Halloween! Our small hometown has the nation's longest standing Halloween parade. It's kind of a big deal. :) Andrew and I have our costumes lined up for this year and are going to wear them while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters in our new neighborhood. I can't wait. We almost got Franklin a costume yesterday, but then decided last minute not to because he will only get to wear it this one year and never fit into it again. Sorry, but that is a huge waste of money. We're just going to get him a cute Halloween bandanna to wear around his neck for the big day.

4. The holidays are coming! Andrew and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year in the new house so we're trying to get a bunch of little projects done around the house. I really need to make a list so we keep on track. And, I love Christmas. The decorations, the music and wrapping. Wrapping presents is my favorite. I can't wait to pick out my paper this year. :)

5. Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Lattes - could use one right now.

6. Andrew getting really excited to go home and help with harvest. There's just something about that combine!

7. Crisp jeans and t-shirt weather. If only the temp wouldn't go any lower...

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  1. "Well Alison... if you want me to buy you a ring, I have to go home to help with harvest".

    I miss those days... :)